About Me

v tight gelThis is Monica Westinghouse…

I’m a mother of three and I created this Vaginal Rejuvenation blog to help women reclaim their confidence, sex lives, and self esteem.

After having my children, I just wasn’t the same down there anymore. My sex life diminished, causing a few very tough years in our marriage. It was like the spark was gone, along with my self esteem and confidence in the bedroom. I didn’t feel sexy anymore and even worse I didn’t feel like I could satisfy my husband anymore. So I took action!! If there’s anything which claims it knows how to make your vag tighter I’ve tested it and found what really works!! So I created this blog as a resource for other women going through the same thing – I’ve been there and I’m here to help.

If you’re looking for the most effective methods for re-tighten your vagina so you can regain that spark in the bedroom and have the self esteem you’re entitled to, then check out my homepage.

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